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Announcing DreamUp, PBC "NanoRacks and its parent company, XO Markets, are excited to announce they are creating a new company dedicated to lowering the barriers to student and university research: DreamUp, PBC. As such, we join the ranks of Ben & Jerry and Kickstarter, just two of the growing number of companies that have been incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation. PBC's are commercial organizations whose by-laws urge shareholders and management to do more than turn a profit: they also seek to undertake some public good in a series of defined mandates. Until now, in our society, companies must focus only on the bottom line. Benefit Corporations are different: they can and must do more for society. For DreamUp, the goals are simple: we will strive to make space research a viable part of students and university researchers. We will seek to make crowdsourcing a far more efficient tool for space-based projects. And within a few short years we aim to have teachers and students from all fifty states and a dozen countries worldwide enjoy the benefits of real STEM experience via the unique environment of space."


Student-Made Devices Compete in 2015 JPL Invention Challenge "Middle- and high-school teams will demonstrate unique devices they have built to compete in the "Ball Fling Contest," the annual Invention Challenge hosted by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California, on Friday, Dec. 4. The objective is to create a device that can propel three supplied playground balls to three different targets in less than 60 seconds. Point values are awarded for each successfully completed target. The winner will be the team whose device accumulates the most points. Twenty-one student teams from schools throughout Southern California will compete. The student teams were invited to the JPL Invention Challenge based on results from two regional contests held in November. Three teams of JPL engineers and scientists will also compete. While the contest rules change each year, the goal is the same: to give students an opportunity to be creative and have fun with math, science and engineering."


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