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Space College will begin by looking at the existing state of space education and create an online resource that documents online courses, textbooks, and other resources. As gaps in available content become obvious, Space College will seek to fill those gaps. Eventually, Space College will offer courses for credit.

The initial population of Space College will be focused on facilitating access to undergraduate or community college level courses. Over time its hope that this will expand to cover all undergraduate needs, and eventually graduate and post graduate studies. Just as high school students can enroll in college level courses, there should also be a mechanism whereby they can begin their Space College work in high school. One way to augment the incorporation of pre-college students into Space College activities is to partner with non-profit educational organizations who are already doing this.

Ideally, a decade from now, Space College could be incorporated into a variety of schools, universities, colleges, educational organizations, space agencies, and corporate sponsorship activities such that students with an interest in space exploration could be identified and encouraged at whatever age that interest developed and afforded the chance to take that interest and follow it as far as they want - all the way to a paid career. In addition, Space College could also provide outreach materials such that students who had yet to find a career interest could be attracted to space as something to focus their energies.

Space exploration is rapidly evolving such that it is no longer just a career option for pilots, aerospace engineers, and astronauts. Construction engineers, programmers, and accountants are also needed as are artists, miners, and microbiologists.

Space College would be seen as a specialized resource utilized by students at many colleges and universities i.e. "summer semesters", "semesters abroad", CME credits, etc. Themes/slogans to be adopted might include "We explore space - so can you" and "your next job is in outer space".

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