Bridging Distance and Gaps

Due to uneven access to institutions and facilities across the U.S. and the world, much of what Space College does will involve virtual participation i.e. distance learning, massive open online courses (MOOC) etc. for individuals with geographic access issues. In the case of established educational and training institutions, Space College will seek to utilize resources already available to students and the utilize offsite and virtual resources to help them achieve the skills they desire.

As its operations expand, Space College will seek to fill gaps in existing space exploration education either by stimulating others to create them or by offering its own courses and training. The eventual goal of Space College is to provide certification and degrees in various aspects of space exploration science and technology. When fully implemented, Space College training will be equally balanced on classroom and independent study; hands-on laboratory and shop work; field and expeditionary research and mission operations.

Space College does not seek to take over anything. Rather, Space College seeks to help link existing programs to one another, see where gaps exist, and then seek to fill those gaps. Space College seeks to be a clearinghouse, community organizer, and networking agent for all good space education - everywhere. It also seeks to spur the development of resources that do not yet exist.

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