Crowd Sourced Projects

In addition to using crowd sourcing to develop and expand course development, textbooks, software, and other materials, Space College will seek to work with citizen science organizations such as Moon Zoo and Galaxy Zoo to encourage participation in crowd sourced data collection and analysis. An online forum will be maintained specifically for the purpose of identifying opportunities and to encourage participants to propose activities of their own.

Contrary to what many people think crowd sourcing is not simply getting people to do things for you for free. Rather, it is an approach - a philosophy - whereby an interesting project asks for and embraces the interests and efforts of like-minded individuals. Often times, there is no compensation offered other than the personal satisfaction of participation and public recognition/attribution for this participation. Other times, compensation is offered in the form of special access, entertainment, or low cost mementos. Done properly the doing is more important than the getting.

By adopting an approach that seeks the interest and 'wisdom' of the masses, participants also gain a sense of ownership and personal identification in what Space College does. Encouraged and properly nourished, this can become an invaluable resource for Space College to utilize. The more diverse and dedicated the contributor base is, the more widespread the support for Space College - and space exploration.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or ideas please use the comments feature to let us know.

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