Diversity and Opportunity

In order to reach the greatest possible student body and develop the widest collection of skills, students and faculty must be from a diversity of backgrounds and locations. While starting out initially as an American institution, we feel that Space College must seek to enroll students from many backgrounds and cultures around the world. The only quota that Space College will have is that in terms of enrollment is that everyone, everywhere, should apply. Space College's assets will adapt and be governed (organically) by the evolving nature of its participants.

Many people do not have the resources to contemplate a traditional 4 year undergraduate college education. Graduate school in a traditional sense is similarly out of reach. As such Space College seeks to focus initially upon becoming a "space community college" or "people's space college" of sorts and focus on the initial several years of college. If successful, Space College would expand through undergraduate to graduate and post graduate education. With its initial core focus on the first several years of college education, it is hoped that the experience can prepare students to pursue a space-related education elsewhere. If that is not possible, the hope is that the several years students are associated with Space College will provide benefit.

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