Giving Back and Leading

Space College students will be exposed to - and conduct public service-oriented education and public outreach. We feel that Space College participants will not only need to learn their subject matter, but they also need to learn to be leaders - each in their own way. Space College students will be required to serve as examples to others outside their ranks who would follow in their path as well as ambassadors to the public at large on matters related to space exploration. You can't get people inspired if there is no final frontier to explore - and starships at the ready (or at least the firm prospect thereof).

Space College's organizers believe that space exploration, as a career, can go mainstream and be just as cool and compelling as many other avocations. The notion of being involved in space exploration can be more than just a geeky ambition. It can be a career path that involves exciting expeditions, competitions, adventures - and fun. It can also be an endeavor that is not just reserved for those who excel at classwork but can also be something that caters to a variety of other skills as well.

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