Intellectual Property

Adopting an open source approach necessitates the use of certain standards. Whenever possible, materials produced via Space College participants will be open source and licensed for use via Creative Commons license format with a focus on the most permissive use possible. Space College is mostly interested that people know that things created via Space College are attributed as such as they use them. See for a description of how this process works. In addition, materials that Space College works with may reside in the public domain (such as NASA information) and will so identified.

Space College Foundation will trademark its name with the U.S. Patent and Trade Office. The prime reason for so doing is to avoid confusion with other educational organizations and to facilitate business and cooperative agreements.

There may be some instances where novel creations by an individual are shared or licensed to Space College with the understanding that the owner retains copyright. In addition. As mentioned above, Space College is not going to become a business incubator. As such, if participants wish to take the results of their participation and expand that into their own intellectual property or business, all power to them.

A formal intellectual property policy and associated releases and forms will be drafted by lawyers so as to be very clear with regard to Space College intellectual property guidelines.

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