Making Space College A Truly Open Entity

All too often, efforts to promulgate the idea of a degree in fields related to space exploration remain within the NASA/aerospace company/collegiate circle. Efforts to truly reach out to unconventional communities including those with challenging socioeconomic needs, while they do happen, happen far too infrequently. As such, a potentially vast community is not reached either because they are outside of traditional comfort zones or because programs have associated costs that place them out of reach. In many ways online resources are a great equalizer - so long as one has access to the Internet. Online resources allow end users to find - and access - space education outside of traditional modes, regardless of their location.

A mechanism will be created whereby individuals who utilize and participate in Space College courses online can gain certification or credit. Not only will this allow the Space College to become a truly global asset but it will also allow individuals in remote or economically challenged communities to build their skills and generate the resources for a possible visit to Space College facilities.

Software, databases, or other tools developed by students as part of their course work at Space College and will be offered for use and community improvement under CC (Creative Commons) license. The text of student papers, articles, presentations will be posted online by default unless a compelling case can be made for them to not be posted. Unless specified under certain circumstances Space College students own their intellectual property.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or ideas please use the comments feature to let us know.

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