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Being Here and Out There

In order to be fully prepared for a career in space exploration, and all of the cross disciplinary skills that this entails, students must emphatically have hands-on experience in the lab, on the shop floor, and in the field - ideally (and eventually) in space as well. Space College will seek to insert its participants in real space exploration opportunities whenever possible. When such opportunities do not exist, Space College will help to create them.

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Building A Much Broader Community for Space

Done properly, Space College can become a vibrant, self-sustaining community that constantly seeks to identify and sere new participants while using its graduates as nuclei for stimulating further interest. With a growing, self-motivated cadre of graduate, students, faculty and supporters, the ability for those who see the value and potential of space exploration will be much greater than it is today.

Bridging Distance and Gaps

Due to uneven access to institutions and facilities across the U.S. and the world, much of what Space College does will involve virtual participation i.e. distance learning, massive open online courses (MOOC) etc. for individuals with geographic access issues. In the case of established educational and training institutions, Space College will seek to utilize resources already available to students and the utilize offsite and virtual resources to help them achieve the skills they desire.

Giving Back and Leading

Space College students will be exposed to - and conduct public service-oriented education and public outreach. We feel that Space College participants will not only need to learn their subject matter, but they also need to learn to be leaders - each in their own way. Space College students will be required to serve as examples to others outside their ranks who would follow in their path as well as ambassadors to the public at large on matters related to space exploration. You can't get people inspired if there is no final frontier to explore - and starships at the ready (or at least the firm prospect thereof).

More Than Just A Space Cadet

A space-oriented career can and should provide students with skills that make them highly employable in a variety of jobs that are not directly related to space. Not everyone who explores space will need to be a rocket scientist. In addition, while becoming an astronaut is still something that is exceptionally hard to do, the day is almost at hand where almost anyone can and will be able to fly into space. Becoming an astronaut or "rocket scientist" will soon become something that any child can consider - and achieve.

Diversity and Opportunity

In order to reach the greatest possible student body and develop the widest collection of skills, students and faculty must be from a diversity of backgrounds and locations. While starting out initially as an American institution, we feel that Space College must seek to enroll students from many backgrounds and cultures around the world. The only quota that Space College will have is that in terms of enrollment is that everyone, everywhere, should apply. Space College's assets will adapt and be governed (organically) by the evolving nature of its participants.

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