Private Sector Involvement

There will be an overt mechanism within the core nature of Space College whereby the private sector is involved - not only as a potential sponsor but also as a potential benefactor.  The Merchant Marine is an example. Companies could be encouraged to make charitable (tax deductible) donations to Space College to underwrite the participation of students in the form of stipends, scholarships, grants, etc. In addition, corporate sponsors could also offer employment to students that they have sponsored after they complete their course of study at Space College.

One concept that has shown great potential is the use of prizes. In the private sector there is an overt commercial aspect to this. At Space College, a merger of academic achievement and prizes is possible. Perhaps the winner of a prize competition to build a better satellite system will be a ride into suborbital space for the winning team, or a scholarship at Space College, etc. Indeed, imagine if Space College students are offered a chance to participate a flight into space aboard one of the burgeoning suborbital fight services that are currently signing up customers.

A healthy, balanced focus on individual, group, community, economic, and societal motivations and rewards will serve to produce balanced graduates who are able to function in the public and private sector and do so with integrity.

Companies could also donate use of their facilities, staff, hardware from previous programs, and other assistance as in-kind donations.

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