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Space College will seek to engage with corporate sponsors for the purpose of financial support of participants and activities, use of company facilities and personnel, donation of hardware, and employment opportunities. As part of these activities endorsements and recommendations are likely to be part of the overall process - and clear mention will be made on Space College materials including its website.

As part of its larger effort to collect reference to various resources, the Space College website will include listings and directories of various institutions, organizations, agencies, and companies as they relate to Space College activities and space education as a whole. Space College will not strive to create an exhaustive directory - that is what Google is for. Rather, Space College will try and put forth the "best in class" so to speak. Unless a formal, overt agreement is signed with Space College, these listings will not be considered as an endorsement, recommendation, or formal relationship with Space College - and clear statements in this regard will be prominently featured at

Space College has, as a core principle, the free and open access to educational materials and opportunities. If a prominent institution, organization, agency, company or individual, avows a policy that either does not embrace or is openly in conflict with this basic principle, Space College is not obliged to list them as a resource on its website. There are some organizations in existence that avow an interest in space education, but, instead, conduct their activities in a fashion that results in exclusive access to their programs, obvious conflicts of interest, and other activities that work in opposition to what Space College seeks to do. Space College is not going to engage in efforts to cite these issues, but Space College is not going to lend its good name to recommending these institutions either.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or ideas please use the comments feature to let us know.

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