Space Commerce and Space College

While careers in space exploration will certainly include employment in the private sector as managers, marketers, sales representatives, etc. Space College does not seek to become a business school per se. Nor does it plan to ignore the business aspects of space exploration. Right now there are a large number of entrepreneurs with start-ups all competing for a slice of the new business frontier they see in space. Some of the ventures are credible. Many are probably not.

That said, while most space endeavors to date have been (and will continue to be) government-operated, that won't always be the case. Many of the businesses now coming into focus do not necessarily involve government agencies as partners or customers. As such, it is likely that the demand for people with backgrounds relevant to space commerce and utilization will only increase in the years to come. That increase in job openings could happen at an ever-accelerating pace as space-based commerce starts to take off.

While some people see space as a venue to make money, others are content to explore space for the sake of exploration. As such, Space College will strive to be balanced and agnostic when it comes to space commerce. Space College will also seek to stay out of the political battles that chronically rage within the space community - often reaching the point of being religious spats.

Space College will seek to establish relationships with space companies so as to develop scholarships, internships, and job placement arrangements. Space College will also seek grants, donations, and in-kind contributions from space companies.

Space College will leave the business of space commerce to the companies that seek to engage in it. Participants in Space College may well seek to operate businesses as a result of their participation with Space College, but Space College will not be a business incubator per se.

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