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Have you ever wondered about the hundreds of experiments that have been conducted on the International Space Station? The Space Station Research Explorer provides current information on ISS experiments, facilities and research results through video, photos, interactive media, and in-depth descriptions. The Experiments section provides access to the six main experiment categories and their subcategories. Experiments are depicted as dots within the category system and the stems connecting the dots to the system depict the length of time the experiment spent on orbit. Users can drill down to see specific experiments within the categories and subcategories or search for a specific experiment or subject using the search option.

Experiment descriptions consist of links, images, and publications if available. The Experiments section can be further narrowed by selecting a specific expedition and sponsor by using the dials at the top right of the screen The Facilities section provides an interior view of three of the station modules; Columbus, Kibo, and Destiny. Once the module is selected, the interior image can be navigated by dragging up and down to see different sides of the module and left and right to view any racks not shown on the screen. Tapping a rack gives a brief description of the rack and an experiment description if available.

The Benefits section provides information on Human Health, Earth Benefits and Global education. Selecting a section allows the benefits to be investigated further. The Media section provides access to three tabs: Podcasts, Games, and Videos. The Games section contains a game that introduces players to the differences in gravity when tossing a ball. Podcasts contains links to NASA ScienceCasts and Videos contains links to Science related videos.

The last section contains links to other Space station research sites and NASA applications. The Space Station Research Explorer app is now available for iPhone, iPad and Android platforms.


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