Calling All University Students Interested in Designing Space Missions"The ESA Academy Training and Learning Programme is offering a new opportunity to European students who are interested in learning how ESA is assessing technical and financial feasibility of future space missions and new spacecraft missions. ESA's Education Office is looking for 22 talented and motivated university students with an engineering or physics background to take part in a Concurrent Engineering Workshop that will take place from 20 to 23 September 2016. Europe's leadership in space depends upon its ability to continue developing world-class satellites. To do that, we need to train a new generation of space engineers and scientists. Concurrent engineering is a method of designing and developing products in the space sector. In concurrent design, contrary to the traditional design methods, all design steps take place simultaneously. This is a far more efficient way of designing, but it brings challenges as well. Solutions in one area that could impact the design in another must be identified and communicated instantly."


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