Astrobiologist Dale Andersen's Field Reports: Lake Untersee, Antarctica

Dale Andersen is helping organize Space College. He is currently in Antarctica at Lake Undersee doing astrobiology research. You can read more about Dale here. You can read his previous status reports here and below.

15 November 2014

On The Road to Lake Untersee: We are completely packed up now, using the Everest tracked vehicle, pulling two sleds behind it. The first sled has most of our gear, the second has fuel additional cargo, and a cabin in which three of our team will make the traverse. Klemens, Vladimir and Allyson will ride out on the sled, Yukiko, Wayne and I will will drive the snowmobiles. Packing was a bit of a challenge since we had a little more science gear this year, but once both sleds were brought down, it all worked out perfectly with room to spare. I will send some pics later when I get back, and maybe after we get settled in at Untersee, I will try to upload a small one via the Iridium.

The weather looks to be pretty good tomorrow, with clear skies and low winds, at least for Novo. Monday and Tuesday the weather may go down with 45 kt winds so we need to get the camp up as soon as least a few tents anyway. It will be great to get back to the lake, and everyone is pretty excited now. ALCI has done a lot to help us out too, which has been an important partnership in addition to the Russian Antarctic Program (RAE).

Ok, six or 8 hours for our skidoo ride, and perhaps 10 for Everest, but tomorrow we should be in the camp - and as soon as we are settled in I will drop another note.

10 November 2014

The team is on the ice, having arrived ok at Novolazarevskaya Station yesterday afternoon. We had a solid day of work today getting gear together; the snowmobiles are now up and running, and everyone is keen to make the traverse to Lake Untersee, but  we have a fair amount of work to get done before we leave so we will likely be here for another 3 days or so depending on the weather.

The wind did pick up this afternoon hitting 30 kts or so with blowing snow, and they are expected to increase tonight and tomorrow so we may not be quite as productive tomorrow, but we will see what the day brings. Its nice to be back in Antarctica and soon we will be camped on the shores of Lake Untersee!

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