First CubeSat Built By An Elementary School Deployed"In 2012, the students from St. Thomas More Cathedral School in Arlington, Virginia lined up in the shape of a space shuttle in the school parking lot and witnessed the flyover of the Space Shuttle Discovery as it was being retired to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. This awe-inspiring vision was an inspiration to the entire school and a catalyst for them to literally reach for the stars. Thus beginning their quest to build a small satellite, called a CubeSat, that would engage students around the world in Earth observations. Over the next three years, all 400 pre-kindergarten-through-eighth-grade students participated in the design, construction and testing of their small satellite. Through this hands-on, inquiry based learning activity the students conducted real-world engineering and will operate the St. Thomas More (STM)Sat-1, the first CubeSat built by elementary school students to be deployed in space."


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