Google Creative Lab and ISEE-3 Reboot Team Announce New Citizen Science Website

We are excited to let all of you know about the newly announced collaboration between the ISEE-3 Reboot Project and Google. The website is now live at Some background on this collaboration can be found at the Google Chrome Blog.

The main feature of this is a new website developed by Google Creative Lab in collaboration with the ISEE-3 Reboot Project team that features a history of the ISEE-3 mission as well as a presentation of data currently being received from ISEE-3.

On Sunday, 10 August at 2:16 pm EDT, ISEE-3 will make its closest approach to the Moon before resuming its orbit around the sun. As it passes this point the "ISEE-3 Citizen Science Interplanetary Mission" will officially begin.

We will have a Google hangout with representatives from NASA, Google, and our project beginning at 1:30 pm EDT / 10:30 am PDT on Sunday. We'll be discussing the mission's history and its future prospects. You can check in with our official website for a link for that webcast and the quests who will be participating.

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