ISEE-3 Reboot Project In The News 14 August 2014

A Google Chrome Experiment Visualizes The 36-Year Journey Of A Spacecraft, Fastcode Design

"The design of A Spacecraft for All offers a new ways to tell these stories, rather than relying on static video illustrations to tell the story of far-flung research endeavors, like NASA used for the Mars rover landing. "We got really excited about this project," Google Creative Lab's Richard The says. Over the course of a month, the Google team pulled together video interviews and designed 3-D graphics to make a complicated story about astrophysics digestible for non-NASA folks."

Space Nerds Launch McMoon's, A Control Center In A Defunct McDonald's To Hijack A Decommissioned NASA Satellite, SFist

"A group of space enthusiasts in Mountain View, California, with cooperation from NASA, have taken control of a 36-year-old decommissioned satellite that was originally put into orbit to study solar weather. The ISEE-3 satellite was launched by NASA in 1978 and has not been in use for about 20 years -- its battery died decades ago, but it was equipped with solar power and it just returned to Earth's orbit after many years floating in space and being forgotten."

After Moon Flyby, Vintage NASA Spacecraft to Study the Sun,

"By comparing the measurements between these ... spacecraft, we can get some idea of the scale sizes of the turbulence of the solar wind and the structure within the solar wind," said Christopher Scott, a United Kingdom-based project scientist with STEREO, in a Google+ Hangout on ISEE-3 Sunday (Aug. 10).

ISEE-3 Reboot Project Takes Place At "McMoons," AKA a Defunct McDonalds, The Mary Sue

"When you're trying to make contact with a decommissioned NASA satellite that was first launched into space about thirty-six years ago, location is key. You need somewhere that can hold a lot of people and low-tech equipment, and also maybe a ton of french fries for all those hungry citizen scientists. Hey, you know what would be great? An abandoned McDonalds restaurant."

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