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These 2 guys are trying to salvage a 35-year-old spacecraft ... and you can help, Blastr

"The International Sun/Earth Explorer 3 probe was originally launched in 1978, and in the decades since it has studied solar winds and magnetic fields and even flown through the tail of Halley's comet in 1986. NASA used the craft for all kinds of studies over the years, until it was decommissioned in 1999."

Can crowdfunding resurrect this 35-year-old space probe?, DVICE

"So what happens once communication is re-established with ISEE-3? With 12 of its 13 scientific instruments still working (at least as of 1999), the research team hopes to turn the spacecraft and its instruments over to the public by creating an app that allows anyone access to its data."

Privateers race to capture forgotten NASA space probe using crowdsourced cash, The Register

"Their only problem is that the team need to find the original command codes to control the spacecraft and write virtualization software that mimics the original hardware design. If contact can be established, the remaining propellant in the spacecraft's tanks can be used to kick it into its original orbit, and resume its primary mission."

Is Bringing a Spacecraft Back from the Dead Worth the Cost?, Physics Central

"Wingo and Cowing began this crowdfunding project because NASA could not offer any money toward the project. So, is it worth $125,000 to bring a zombie spacecraft back to life? Time will tell."

Scientists Use Crowdfunding To Communicate With Spacecraft ISEE-3, Crowdfunding Insider

Aiming to bring a forgotten space probe back to life, masterminds of the Orbiter Image Recovery project Dennis Wingo and Keith Cowing have launched a new crowdfunding project on RocketHub called ISEE-3 Reboot Project. Skycorp, along with Space College and SpaceRef are asking investors to donate $125,000 so they can bring back the space probe ISEE-3 (International Sun-Earth Explorer).

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