ISEE-3 Status Report 1 July 2014 (Update)

We have a window at Arecibo that opens today around 1:00 pm EDT. If all goes according to plan we will attempt to do our spin-up burn today. Once we have reliable communications, ability to issue commands, and reliable telemetry we will command ISEE-3 to make one pulse of its thrusters. If that is successful then we'll command an additional 10 pulses. Keep an eye on @ISEE3reboot on Twitter for updates.

Update: We were able to use the B transmitter today for the first time but were unable to complete the various steps needed to command ISEE-3 to fire its engines. There is a chance of a window at Arecibo tomorrow.

Meanwhile the first scientific measurement by ISEE-3 in decades has been obtained. Recent magnetometer data from ISEE-3 shows clear evidence of a recent solar event. We will be releasing more information on these observations very soon.

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